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SUMMER SERIES #5: Mornington Peninsula vs Phillip Island!

We’re still in the thick of Australian summer holidays, so it’s time for the great Victorian playground play-off!

We ask the hard questions – who did it better these summer holidays, Mornington Peninsula (Belle) or Phillip Island (Kirstie)?

Also this episode, we cover off the top tourism spots that Australians love to hate… and the hard-loved Gold Coast gets repeat mentions.

But back to Victoria, we’ve both been holidaying in the top Australian holiday hotspots of the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island for decades. So when we tell you what our favourite beach is, know that we’ve swam/walked/sunbathed on all the others, as well.

We also share the best places for coffee, best walks (long and short, steep and flat), our favourite viewpoints and wildlife experiences. And, after years and years of investigative journalism/eating till we burst, you’ll get our favourite eats from our respective holiday heartlands.

Best beach: MP, Safety Beach. PI, Smiths Beach.

Best walk: MP, Bushrangers Bay. PI, Cape Woolamai Walk or George Bass Coastal walk.

Best adventure: MP, Peninsula Hot Springs. PI, Phillip Island Helicopters.

Best coffee: MP, Commonfolk (Mornington) or Little Rebel (Dromana). PI  G’day Tiger (Cowes).

Best wildlife experience: MP, Moonlit Sanctuary or Polperro Dolphin Swims. PI Penguin Parade or e-biking from Super Cruzer to spot wallabies.

Best food & wine: MP, Polperro picnics, DOC vs 400 Gradi pizza in Mornington, fish & chips on any beach. PI Purple Hen winery’s
pinot noir, Cowes foreshore markets.


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