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SUMMER SERIES #1: The Italian episode – Rome & Florence

Welcome to our Summer Series! We’re bringing you some of our favourite interviews, kicking off with the Italian episode, featuring Rome and Florence.

First up, the cuisine of Rome is carbonara, artichokes and lamb, says Italian-Australian author and journalist Maria Pasquale, who writes about Roman cuisine in her book, The Eternal City.

“But if I had to describe Rome in one word, it would be artichoke,” she says. Maria also talks about the Awesome Foursome of Roman pastas including the wild child, and perhaps the oldest of them all, alla gricia and she shares the best place to eat gelato in her town! And you can find Maria at or visit

For our second interview, we’re off to Florence, and we’re talking to another author, Nardia Plumridge. She chats to us from Italy, where she’s working on the next run of her popular book, Lost in Florence. Nardia shares a few places that fly under the radar, and how Florence will steal your heart, ⁠;

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