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Episode 6 : Fiji & Japan

We’re off to Fiji and Japan, and we’ve also got some hacks for beating the increase in flight prices. And stay listening to hear the world’s most mispronounced names: where do you think comes in at #1? 

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill tells Kirstie how he took over the top job in Fiji travel in the middle of a pandemic, as well as some of the lesser-known things to do in Fiji. He also shares why it’s a place that he’ll carry with him forever,

Arts tour guide and Limelight Arts Travel founder Kathleen Olive chats to Belinda about how to get under Japan’s skin, in her Tale of Two Cities tour, which covers traditional Kyoto and ultra-modern Tokyo. She shares her top sites in the two cities, and explains why the 15 rocks of Ryōan-ji (theTemple at the Dragon of Peace) is so sublime,

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