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Episode 2 : India, Italy & the Victorian ski fields

Welcome to this week’s episode of The World Awaits, with travel journalists Kirstie Bedford and Belinda Jackson.

This week, we take you to India, to the Victorian ski fields and to Italy.
This episode, life coach and tour leader Jo Langhorne of Soulful Escapes talks about how truly transformational travel can be, and why India tops her list for travel destinations that will change you,

Also, as the Australia ski season kicks off this weekend, we catch up with Vail International Resort’s Emily Smith from her base at Hotham ski resort in northern Victoria to hear what’s happening on and off the slopes,

And finally, movie buff and our entertainment reporter Alaisdair Leith takes us to Italy and the filming locations that feature in the new movie Book Club:

The Next Chapter, which stars Jane Fonda and the Trevi Fountain.
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