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Episode 15 : The long road to restore tourism in Morocco

Morocco is a country that relies heavily on tourism, and it has a long road ahead to recover from the devastating earthquake that killed more than 2,900 people when it struck the High Atlas Mountain range near Marrakech just weeks ago. Australian David Mannix of Arcadia Expeditions, who lives in Marrakech, talks about his experience “being shot around like a pinball” during the quake and how you can best support the North African nation. We also talk to By Prior Arrangement’s lead guide in Marrakech, Abdellah Amghar, who explains why you need to make sure you don’t cancel travel plans to Morocco, and which other parts of the country you can explore to put your tourist dollar where it’s needed most.


We also chat about adult-only sections on planes – would you pay extra to avoid sitting next to a (potential) screaming child? And luxe travel advisor Virtuoso reveals the leading types of trips we’re all seeking. 

Our tip this week is about how to avoid being ripped off when you travel, based on USA Today’s research on tourist attractions it says are overrated and overpriced – although we don’t necessarily agree with them all!


Australian David Mannix, founder of Arcadia Expeditions, had just returned to live in Marrakech a week before the devastating earthquake struck. He tells Kirstie how it was like a plane was on top of them and he thought the building was going to collapse as he ran from his apartment with his young son in his arms. David’s wife is Moroccan, and he is urging travellers to return to Marrakech to help the many thousands of people relying on tourism.

Also, on the ground in Morocco, By Prior Arrangement lead guide, Abdellah Amghar, tells Belle about the many other places you can visit outside of the High Atlas Mountains, and how you can best support Moroccans at this challenging time.


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