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Episode 13: South Korea and responsible travel

K-Pop, too-cute hanok guesthouses and some of the world’s best street food: travel consultant Lachlan Woodland talks about why you need to get on board the next flight to Korea. Also, Toni Ambler of The Travel Corporation on how you can help keep ancient traditions alive – from weaving to flamenco – by travelling responsibly. We also talk about how you prepare to go on a wellness retreat, and finally – comfort seeker or mindful traveller? The latest research says we’re one of four travel types – which one are you? 

Lachlan Woodland is an expert travel consultant with tour company Inside Asia Tours and shares his love of the country that brought us K-Pop, too-cute hanok guesthouses in Bukchon and some of the world’s best street food. (Not to mention turning a demilitarization zones into a must-visit destination!) Lachlan tips Busan’s Jagalchi seafood markets and the off-beat Mangwon markets in the west of Seoul for local food experiences, while the more touristy Myeong-dong and Namdaemun markets are great starters,  

Toni Ambler, The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) Australia and New Zealand managing director, tells Kirstie she fell in love with travel thanks to her father, who worked for Contiki in the 1970s – a brand now under her remit. Toni talks about the importance of the TreadRight Foundation and how by travelling with TTC, you can help keep ancient traditions alive from weaving to flamenco, 

Kirstie soaked up the good life in Aurora Bathhouse & Spa this week while Belle was a blissful guest at the six-suite Drift House in Port Fairy, in western Victoria,; and our wellness retreat tips come from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, and The Landing in New Zealand,, 

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