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Episode 12 : Bali and memorable wildlife encounters

Sip your way around the world at these leading wine destinations; find out how you can while away your time (for free!) at the airport; learn how to have a meaningful wildlife encounter, and is Bali all it’s cracked up to be? What an episode!

Kirstie catches up with award-winning wildlife photographer and journalist Rachelle Mackintosh to chat about the powerful impact of seeing wildlife in their domain. She shares hair-raising tiger encounters, talks of her obsession with sighting whales, and how you can ensure you’re doing the right thing by the wildlife experience you book,

Belle chats with author and travel writer Penny Watson, who moved to Bali during the pandemic. Penny talks about how not to be an absolute loser when you visit the Island of the Gods. We’re talking Kintamani, the waterfalls of Munduk, Amed on the east coast and Lovina in the north – basically anywhere beyond Ubud, Kuta and Canggu – for access to local businesses, ceremonies, and a connection to the Balinese people. 

Also, here’s the link to ABC radio Melbourne talking about how to while away the time in airports around the world, see 

And a big shout out to our producer Alaisdair Leith for his zen-like patience.  

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