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Episode 10 : South Africa & Caravanning in Australia

We’ve hit double digits! We’re talking tourism that changes the lives of children in remote South Africa with Charles Street of Inkwazi Adventures and caravanning around Australia with van expert and author Catherine Best. We’re also getting hungry as we round up our favourite food festivals, and what’s your worst fashion faux pas when you’ve been on the road? (Believe us, we’ve made them all!)

Charles Street is the founder of Inkwazi Adventures, and he shares how you can make a genuine difference to the communities you mean. He explains to Kirstie how the simple act of giving a bike is transforming children’s lives in remote communities in South Africa. And you can be part of it. See 

Catherine Best is the author of Ultimate Caravan Trips: Australia, and she spills the hot tips for great vanlife in conversation with Belle. She also drops the names of her two favourite campsites – South Lefroy Bay camp, a low-cost camp on the Ningaloo coast in Western Australia, and Potato Point, near Narooma on the NSW South Coast.  See 

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