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EP #38: Only in Australia, Best of the Bellarine Peninsula, ANZAC remembrances

What’s a tourism experience you can have nowhere in the world but here in Australia? Uluru is one of our great icons, and its tourist hub, Ayres Rock Resort, turns 40 this year. So it’s a great time to catch up with Matt Cameron-Smith, the CEO of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, which manages the resort. We talk about his favourite indigenous cultural experiences, with tips on where to eat, drink, see and experience country,  

Also, Kirstie and Belle set you up for a great little weekend away on the Bellarine Peninsula, just 90 minutes from Melbourne. It’s got it all – coastal walks, exceptional food, a cycle rail trail and some of the best wine in the country, 

And with ANZAC Day just around the corner, our tip this week is about retracing history through some of the significant Commonwealth War memorial sites around the world, 

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