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EP 34: Long-distance train journeys, Bali love & cheapest cities to visit

Do you love the romance of a long train journey? Do these names – The Orient Express, The Ghan, The Flying Scotsman or The Rocky Mountaineer – have you dreaming of riding the rails into the sunset? Belle chats with train aficionado and travel writer Tim Richards, author of several books including Heading South and Ultimate Train Journeys World about why sleeper trains are back in fashion, new innovations in train travel, the best, scenic train routes for and how to train on a budget. We also ask Tim: can you actually sleep on a sleeper train, and we put a call out for a high-speed rail link between Sydney and Melbourne!

Also, this episode, Indonesia (read: Bali) has bumped New
Zealand off its perch as most visited destination for Australians, and cost-saving site WeThrift reveals the cheapest cities to visit.


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