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EP 23: Take the Slow Road or the Spice Road

Have you ever wanted to pack everything up and do the Big Lap around Australia? 

Kirianna Poole did, and so along with her husband, they bought a vintage camper, refitted it, and with a toddler in tow, circumnavigated Australia. They’ve now also covered the length of New Zealand and have Japan in their sights. Kiri talks to Kirstie about her book, The Slow Road Cookbook, her remarkable journey (and two more pregnancies along the way), some of her favourite spots to stop, and her love of cooking on the road, See theslowroad_ on Insta. 
“The spice trade is the second oldest profession and has about as many rogues in it as the oldest profession,” says Belle’s guest, Ian Hemphill. The founder of spice emporium Herbie’s Spices, Ian talks about the world of spices – and why he never brings them back in his luggage. Ian has spent decades travelling the world seeking the best spices, from the markets of southern India to Spain’s Basque region, and he also leads occasional spice tours to India, see
We also reveal the newest travel trends from Expedia, and talk about some of the newest and refurbished airport hotels, and give you the low-down on Skytrax’ award for the world’s top airport hotels. 
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(00:15) Travel writer of the Year link
(05:23) Expedia’s travel trends link
(08:28) Author Kiri Poole about roadtripping in a vintage Kombi link 
(22.37) new airport hotels and Skytrax’ best airport hotel link
(27:32) Ian Herbie Hemphill on the world’s spice routes link
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