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EP 22: Brit film hotspots & Wellness in Mornington

Fancy taking broomstick riding classes, or discovering the
Peaky effect in the British Midlands? Maria Sykes of Visit Britain encourages you to load your watchlist with the best new Brit flix, including the new Bridgerton and The Crown series, and Welcome to Wrexham for some Welsh football action. Add Wonka to the
mix, then go explore the destinations, including Oxford, Bath and Lime Regis. For more inspo, see

People are exhausted… we see a lot of people burning out, so
guests are looking for a solution for exhaustion, for stress, for how to live an ambitious, successful life but not burn out,“  says Lyndall Mitchell. An author, accredited coach and founder of Aurora Spa Group, Lyndall talks about why wellness travel is in demand, the types of people seeking it out and what the future is going to hold.,

We also talk about the best tourism villages according to
the World Tourism Organisation, and Conde Nast Traveler’s wellness hotel hotlist – which includes the divine new Banyan Tree AlUla in Saudi Arabia,

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