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EP 21: Rebuilding Maui & Life in Bhutan

“Maui needs visitors, it’s very much open .. and the more people that come to visit and spend money here, the better it is for Maui’s recovery”, says Lianne Driessen from Sail Trilogy, a 50-year-old tourism business integral in helping rebuild Maui.

Lianne talks to Kirstie about the fires that devastated Maui, including claiming her own home 12 weeks ago, and what you can do to help in its recovery, 

Did you know there are only 45 foreigners living in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan? One of them is Carissa Nimah, an Australian who is responsible for marketing the Land of the Thunder Dragon to the rest of the world. Surrounded by snowy Himalayan peaks, temples and a Buddhist approach to everything, she talks to Belle about the hiking trails, homestays and spirituality of Bhutan,  

We’re also announcing the winners of our giveaway, two copies of Lonely Planet’s new book, Best in Travel 2024 

We also give you some tips to ensure your insurance claim is successful if you suffer the fate of monkeys (or people) stealing your belongings, and we cover Fodor’s 2024 No List; travel list of places to avoid, 

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